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Ever wanted to have a pin of… well, whatever you wanted?  There are so many things you can turn into a pin- your pet, your baby, yourself, your logo, your favorite snack, or even just your name!  Send us your design or photo in JPEG format and we will do the rest of the work!

You can stick these pins anywhere… your lapel (duh), your jacket, your hat, your purse or backpack and so many other places! Personalized pins make great gifts for that friend or family member who can be tough to buy for.  You’re sure to get a giggle when they see their face starring back at them.  Or if you are a business, you can order custom pins with your logo on it!    

Each piece is handmade to order. Every pin is printed, hand-cut, baked, glossed, and has a pin glued to it. I then affix your pin to our packaging, put it in a bubble mailer and ship it to you for your enjoyment!

What to expect
- 1.25" inches tall x 1.25" inch wide Pin or 1.5"X 1.5" Magnet (size approximate depending on image)
- Sealed with Resin
- Handmade


**Please send images for design to

Custom Photo Lapel Pin or Magnet - Personalized with Your Face, Logo or Pet

Excluding Sales Tax

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