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The Red Swan is a mobile and online shop featuring the works of graphic designer Tate Krupa —that's me! 

I started The Red Swan in earnest in 2018, turning my love of graphic design, pop-culture, and my snarky sense of humor into a wide selection of hand-made gift products.


As of today, my product line includes mugs, lapel pins, decals, magnets, and stationary. If you visit me at an in-person market, you can also find tote bags and pouches, hand-carved stamps, and macrame. I also offer a variety of personalized products, ask me about those!

I love watching people smile and laugh as they peruse my offerings —it's the favorite part of my job!

If you are interested in including us as a vendor at your event, please contact me at

hello @

Thanks!  Tate

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(Postcard and Sticker, and Magnet)


Levi Tate Self Portrait_edited.jpg

I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a specialization in printmaking in 2003. I am a versatile artist, dedicated to strong visual communication, be it through traditional illustration, vector illustration or print design work.  



University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Art

Specialization in Printmaking


Experienced in designing for a variety of media including:  printed and digital business materials, apparel, book and novel prepress, paper craft, screen printing, and illustration.

Proficient in Procreate, Adobe Creative Suite for PC or Mac and Microsoft Office Suite.

Extremely creative and self motivated having owned my own businesses for over 10 years. I'm a quick learner and I love solving problems visually.

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